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Want to thread with Dash at any time? Here's the place! Just give me the date and whether it's action, voice, written, or whatever.
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Dash here is a new muse for me, so if you have any problems with my portrayal of her, please, feel free to let me know! Just be constructive, and I'll see what I can do!

Positive feedback is fine too-- whatever floats your boat.

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I'm posting this largely to clarify how Dash looks/moves/behaves in the game. Because this game mixes with Live Action, video game, anime, and so on, some people might be unsure just how Dash looks. Well, I'll tell you straight up, she does not look like a realistic pony by any means.

I treat Dash as a three-dimensional cartoon in terms of appearance. Her big eyes, skinny body, lack of visible hooves? It's all there, and this might prove a little jarring to characters from canons besides MLP. How would this look? What can you expect? Well, I'll be covering it below the cut.

Images ahoy! )

Other than that, her expressions are often exaggerated. She can survive impacts that would break any regular being's bones, not to mention the fact that, as a pegasus, she can stand on, move, and manipulate clouds and weather patterns. Combine that with the fact that she flies at hundreds of miles per hour and leaves rainbow streaks in the air, and she's... hard to miss.

In short, with Rainbow Dash, expect a cartoony appearance, cartoon physics utilizing traditional squash/stretch and slapstick, and remember that, since she doesn't even look like a realistic horse, she'll... basically look odd to anyone who isn't from MLPverse, probably. Or from a world where cartoons are a thing, anyway.

Lastly, she stands at about 4' when on all fours, and she is not a child. :|b My headcanon age for her is nineteen - twenty, so despite looking colorful, big-eyed, and doofy, she has the attitude and mannerisms of a young adult. Cheers!

14 - video;

Dec. 6th, 2013 09:11 pm
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[The temperature's dropped, snow now coats the ground, and people are already starting to talk about Christmas...

Heh, it's one of those Holidays Dash wouldn't have really considered beforehand. Not with Hearth's Warming Eve filling its place in her silly pony mind. Still, she's given what happened last year and the fact that she's now staying in an empty house, free from other ponies, maybe it's time she addressed the elephant in the room.

So here we have one colorful pony shifting awkwardly as she addresses the journal before she reaches down and holds up a strange book.]

Sooo... okay. I don't know how many of you guys were here or how many of you even remember, but last year, everyone here had to help a bunch of annoying elves. I guess most of you guys got presents you really wanted, but see, I kinda told my elf to take a hike, and this is what I got in exchange.

[She taps the front of the book with one of her hooves.]

Now, I don't like reading. I think it's for eggheads, and I'd rather be out practicing stunts, but this thing's been sitting around and collecting dust for almost a year, so here's the thing. I wanna know why people like reading. Like, what's the draw? I really don't wanna be an egghead, which is part of why I've just been using this as a doorstop.

[And, okay, maybe she needs a distraction, too, but like she'd say that out loud.]

13 - video;

Jun. 7th, 2013 08:25 am
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[Well, now that the possession insanity is over with, maybe it's time for Dash to address something that's been bothering her for a while. So here, Luceti, have a view of one colorful, cartoony pony chilling in the sky somewhere. Probably one one of those clouds she loves perching on so much.

She takes a quick look around, wipes her forehead with one of her hooves, and lets out a great big sigh.]

Okay, so I know that a lot of you guys are from worlds where fighting's... kinda routine. You might be warriors, heroes, knights, whatever... I guess to you guys, going out and fighting the Third Party's no big deal. Just another war to add to your resume.

Buuuut here's the thing. Equestria's really peaceful for the most part. Sure, I've helped save the world from eternal night, but when I went out to fight in that last draft, things got ugly. Fast.

[She winces, looking the other way.]

How do you guys deal with it? Especially if you've gotta kill to keep moving. My speed kept me in shape for the most part, and I KO'd some cultists, but that's about as far as I could go.
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Hey! Luceti!

[See: one rainbow pegasus wearing a pair of aviator goggles and standing... well, given the white fluffy stuff around her, it can only be assumed she's on a cloud somewhere. But given the trees behind her, it can't be too high above the ground.


I know this place is full of fighters and all, but are there any athletes hanging around? I'm talking people who're into stuff like sports. Racing. Excitement. Not to mention competition.

See, it's fine keeping myself busy with some solo challenges, and there's no way I'm gonna stop working on my stunts, but I figure it'd be good to have some more variety. Plus, there could be some kind of super cool sport we don't even have in Equestria.

...Which means you should totally tell me if there is. Stuff like soccer, tennis, and hang gliding? I've already tried all of the above. I want something a bit more exciting than that.

[Hm, is there something she's forgoten? Oh, right.]

And if you see a purple pony with wings and a horn hanging around, that's Twilight. Try not to stare too hard if you see her; it gets old fast, and she's still adjusting.

As for me, I'm off to work on a few more tricks. Later!
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[Cue one disgruntled cartoon pony sitting with her front legs crossed and her ears flicking.]

So, what's with all the lovey dovey crud going on lately? Hearts and Hooves day was a few days ago-- or Valentine's Day for you hue-mans, I guess. Point is, it's gotta be the lamest holiday out there. Love's fine, I guess, but it's totally not my thing. Not that kinda love, anyway.

[She groans, fluttering into the air.]

Anyway, if there's anybody not affected by this sappy shift, lemme know. Maybe we can arrange some kinda 'sane' party... assuming Pinkie Pie's not caught up in it.

[Either way, Dash can be found tentatively wandering the village, grumbling about how gross and sappy and dumb this whole thing is. At the item shop, she runs in to find a cool skateboard... only to find one with heart patterns. Seriously... hearts? On a skateboard? Lame!

Later, she'll swing by the bakery for some tasty snacks before zipping off to the Rec Center for a little video game distractions. Yes, she can somehow play despite her marshmallow hooves. Best not to question it.

At the end of the day, she can be found slipping into Seventh Heaven. Y'know, just to try something a little more dinnery than she usually eats.]

[ooc: If you want event crack with shenanigans, feel free! Just nothing above PG because she is a pony. Traits, triggers, etc can be found here.]
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[Dash's day starts out just like any other: waking up bright and early, dashing out above the village at hundreds of miles per hour and leaving rainbow streaks in the sky, all while occasionally twirling clouds around, moving them low to the ground just for fun, and practicing skateboarding just for kicks. ...No pun intended.

But around mid afternoon, she swoops down over the farmland only to find an alarming sight: no sign of Applejack. No matter where she looks, that hard working farm pony's nowhere to be seen, and the same goes for her belongings, for that matter.

Dash's heart sinks. She makes a retreat up into the clouds, which is when she finally addresses the journal. For once, this big-eyed, rainbow pony lacks her confident air.]

...Hey, so I don't know how many of you guys know her, but it looks like Applejack's gone back to Equestria, which means all those apples she's been growing have kinda been left unattended. Not to mention the animals and other crops. So, uh. If any of you other farmers could check into that, that'd be totally appreciated. You guys'd probably be way more experienced than me!

[...heh. Heh.

Man, even her phony laughter sounds depressing.]

Guess Luceti's pony population's shrinking again. Even after a year, there's only ever been a handful of us. And I mean, to most of you guys that's probably not a huge deal. But try imagining getting plucked into a world where you're one of, if not the only hue-man... or whatever species you are and surrounded by a majority of some species you've never even heard of before.

I've lucked out because a lot of the hue-mans I've met are generally pretty cool. And sure, it's still crazy dealing with weather, seasons, and... well, everything that happens by itself, but it's not as scary now.

[But... and though she hates to admit it. Showing weakness is not her thing--]

But sometimes, I guess I can't help but get a little homesick. Especially at times like this.

[And with that, she'll push the journal closed with one of her hooves.

For a little while, she'll hang around the farmlands, just wandering around for a bit. Eventually, she'll return to the village and, after a short trip to the bakery to drag home some cupcakes, quietly fly towards house 45. If she spots a familiar face she'll try and greet 'em with her usual spunk. Those that know her well enough, however should be able to tell that something's a little... off.]

[ooc: Feel free to encounter her before or after her announcement! She can be found just about everywhere before she slips over to AJ's and after she'll mostly be around town.]
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[People reading the journals may notice this big-eyed, cartoonish pony at the grocery store. Kind of an odd spot for a recording. Even stranger is the fact that the meat section isn't too far away.

Of course, Dash is keeping a bit of a distance as she rubs at the back of her neck and finally addresses the journals.]

Sooo... Luceti. Got any tips for caring for lions? That kid Simba's chilling with me and Pinkie Pie, buuut I know stuff like cupcakes, hay fries, and pop aren't exactly gonna work. See, if Fluttershy was still here, this wouldn't be as tricky, but usually lions don't go hanging around Ponyville.

I've been grabbing some meats for him, but like. Is there anything else I oughta know? A place like this isn't exactly tailored to big cats.

Which brings me to my next order of business. Back at the town meeting I brought up making this place more accessible for those of us without hands. Now, I can handle doorknobs and stuff with my hooves just fine, but that's not gonna fly for him. So... I was thinking maybe some of us could pool together mission points for some applied Shifts, just as an alternative. If anyone's interested, I mean.

So. Yeah. That's about it!

[With that, she closes the journal, tosses it into one of her saddle bags and begins her adventure into... shudder. The meat section.

Passersby are free to notice this candy colored pony flying back and forth between the shops and House 45.

Once she's gotten her shopping taken care of, she'll be performing some tricks right over the fountain plaza, filling the sky with rainbow streaks.]
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[The journal feed begins with a close up shat of one of Dash's very large eyes. She steps back, huffs, and adjusts the journal a little. By the looks of it, she's right in the center of town, joined by what appears to be six ponies, a Charizard donning a bandana, two little Yoshi's, a raccoon, and some other miscellaneous nonhumans she may have gathered.

Once the journal's in position, Dash swoops out in front of them and clears her throat.]

All right. So I know things have been pretty hectic since all the refugees showed up. Raids, food shortages, it's all been a disaster in the making. Some of you guys probably hate the Kin'corans and are happy to see 'em go.

But you know what? Some of 'em are actually pretty cool. So, I'm happy to introduce the Stand Out Crowd's Kin'cora branch! They might be a small group now, but I'm sure that in time all the non hue-mans in their enclosure will totally appreciate having a group they can hang with without being treated like oddballs.

It just goes to show that we aren't that different, and maybe if we stopped bickering for five minutes, we wouldn't have had so much trouble in the first place.

[She laughs.]

As for my Standout Crowd, I'd say it's high time we got this thing off the ground. Once the village clears out, why don't we hook up and at least try to have our first meeting? Or at least a headcount. I know I've been kinda lousy at getting the ball rolling, but after this mess, I think it's high time we got our act together.

[With that said, she'll be closing her journal and hanging out around the fountain for the duration of the day. Passersby are free to see her and her merry band of Kin'coran nonhumans chilling. They certainly stand out, all things considered.]
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[Around the village, people are sure to find strange posters getting taped onto buildings, houses, businesses, trees, anywhere where people can't see 'em. Oh, and they're appearing at a rapid rate, as a rainbow streak zips around through the air, occasionally swooping down just long enough to put up more posters. These posters say:

"Tired of people staring because you look a little different? Hate when hue-mans freak out because you can talk?

If you're feeling lost and confused, like you're the only one of you around, then join the Standout Crowd, Luceti's super awesome club for non hue-mans!

First meeting's on Saturday the 16th, over at the Battle Dome! Hope to see you there!

P.S. If you've got questions, just ask Rainbow Dash. Rainbow pony, flies real fast. Can't miss her!"

And indeed, she will keep hanging around for a bit, stopping near poster sites to see how people react.

Later, she'll address the journal...]

So, we all come from different worlds, some that're totally different from the rest. One thing I've noticed is that people still tend to act all confused when I tell 'em that Equestria has no hue-mans. Is it really such a crazy thing to grasp? I mean, it can't be any stranger than the crazy experiments the Malnosso put us through.

I guess what I wanna know is what you guys think of things that are totally different from your idea of "normal". Like 'em, hate 'em? Luceti's definitely good at shaking things up.
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[People of Luceti, watch and be amazed, for you are about to witness something grand. Something spectacular!

Something... completely embarrassing!

A rainbow streak rockets down from the sky, creating a Sonic Rainboom that spreads far and wide.

There's just one liiittle problem: that rainbow streak? It's headed right for the fountain at an astonishing speed. What's more, the little pony isn't flying towards it. Nope, she's falling.

And in no time flat, she'll be landing in the fountain with a tremendous splash! Ever seen a wet, cartoon pony? Well, now's your chance, as she sluggishly drapes her front legs over the edge, pulls her self out, and lands on her rump at the fountains edge, dripping wet.]

Ha ha.

[She shakes herself off, scowling as she spreads her wings and... screams! And why?

Let's just say the Malnosso have a cruel sense of humor. She's dressed up just like her Gen 3 self and is now panicking as she tries to rip off that stupid hat and scarf.

So yes, a pony who is a walking fashion disaster. Have at it!

Later on, when she finally gets home, she'll address the journals.]

Okay, so... Turns out I got grabbed by the Malnosso before I could start prepping for the first Standout Crowd meeting. For those of you who don't know, we're that awesome club for the non hue-mans around here. Annd I'm thinking that we should hold a meeting pretty soon, before we get hit with another experiment or something.

[She's already got plans. Ideas. Which means she should get a hold of a certain pink pony.]

And before I forget, I'm just gonna make a huge announcement. See, I'm sure you guys have seen the other ponies around here. There's Pinkie, who's totally random, Applejack, who's been working the farm, and Princess Luna, who's... well, she controls the moon and stars. Kinda a big deal.

But the pony I'm talking about is Fluttershy. She's cream colored, has a pink mane, and she's a pegasus just like me. So why am I focusing on her and not anypony else? Well, she's really sensitive. That's why I'm gonna make one thing clear.

[She leeeeans very close to the camera, eyes narrowed.]

You mess with Fluttershy, and you're gonna have to go through me!

05 - video;

Mar. 3rd, 2012 08:20 pm
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[It's that time again, Luceti! Time for the cartoonishly proportioned, brightly colored, and talking pegasus to make a speech over the journals. And, given her smug little smirk, she must be pretty eager about it.]

Hey, Luceti! Remember my last entry about my super awesome club for non hue-mans? Well, it's still in the works. I know some of you guys expressed interest before, so I figured I'd get the word out again.

And why? Because the Standout Crowd is totally gonna be coolest group around. So if you're feeling left out or tired of getting stared at for being different, don't sweat it! That's what we're here for.

And right now, I figure we can square some space away in the Battle Dome. I mean, we can make just about anything in there, so why not? The sky's the limit, and if you ask me, that's a good thing.

Soooo... yeah! Thoughts? Questions? And for all you hue-mans out there, don't take it personally. Juuust remember that you guys aren't the only ones hanging around the village and at least try not to freak out about it. Seriously.
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[Today, those around the enclosure and over the journals will hear a booming announcement from Rainbow Dash. You see, she's spotted the new arrivals, and she's gotten her hooves on a megaphone for an important announcement.]

Attention, Luceti! You're about to be stunned, amazed, and totally floored! That's right, I'm about to pull off my show-stopping stunts, so you better keep your eyes on the sky, or you're gonna miss out!

[And she's going all out with this. Clouds are being reshaped to form words, arrows, and other oddities to get people's attention. And it's all happening in the blink of an eye.

Once she's satisfied with the crowd, she'll be pulling off a some awesome stunts.

She'll probably land sometime between her announcement and big display to see who's showing up.

This is a free-for-all! Have at her.]
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[Today's entry begins with some lovely video footage of Dash bouncing a ball off of her head, a smirk on her face as she addresses the journal. Yes, she is going to keep doing this the whole time while mentally counting the number of hits she can make.

Yeah, she's being as show-offy as usual. But onto the message!]

Okay, show of hooves-- or hands, paws, whatever you've got.

[She holds out one of her front legs and bounces the ball right onto the hoof, and then she bumps the ball back up and continues bouncing.]

Point is, I know there are people hangin' around who aren't hue-mans. I mean, Kazooie, that lion, and Pommy sure aren't, and they can't be the only ones!

[Not to mention Mewtwo and Moro.

But, herp, more bouncing. Who knows how long she'll keep this up?]

I just wanna get a headcount because I'm thinking of starting some kinda club. I mean, hue-mans aren't all bad, but we're kinda in the minority here. Might as well hang out and get to know each other!

So, anyone up for it?

[And she bumps the ball one more time, kicking it aside. There! She's totally made Luceti's ball bouncing record.]


[After her little message, Dash can be found hovering around the village. No clouds this time, but a colorful pony still stands out. She'll be dropping by the bakery for some delicious chow, maybe scoping out Seventh Heaven for good measure and then proceed to the center of town, where she'll be looking up at the sky and jotting some stuff down on a clipboard. ...using her mouth to write. Point is, she's everywhere. Come bug the silly pony if you wish.]
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[The recording starts with, you guessed it, Rainbow Dash's lovely face as she leans in reeeeeal close to the camera and then sits back. For those who haven't seen her yet, this is a technicolor pony with biiig eyes and a rainbow mane. She also seems to be... in the air somewhere? Huh.]

Soooo, I'm guessing some of you guys haven't seen me yet. I don't know how that's possible when I pull off stunts all the time. Those rainbows that pop up? Totally me.

[She smirks.]

And when clouds randomly swirl around or disappear? Yep, that's me too. Pretty sweet, huh?

[She flies up a little, and the video shows off her whole physique. But bragging about her awesomeness isn't the only reason she's doing this. Naw. After about a minute, she'll scoop up the journal and turn it towards an awesome snow castle. There are a few small snow clouds floating just above it; probably Dash's handywork. The fort itself is probably a bit bigger than in the image, but the structure is more or less the same.]

Just like this castle I built. Best part? It took me... maybe thirty seconds to build. Tops.

[Speed is awesome like that.]

And with that outta the way, what do you hue-mans do for winter, anyway? And anyone else. Got any cool holidays?

[With that, Dash will be hanging around her awesome castle near Community Housing 3. Maybe stomping on a few of those clouds to make some more sculptures, like these guys. Wanna chill with a pony? Go for it!]
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['sup, Luceti? Having a nice day? Well, there's a lovely close up of a cartoon pony's face here, as she finally tries to set up her own journal post.

The camera angle might change a few times until she's satisfied. Aaaand once that's over, she'll just sorta... chill. Yeah.]

Okay, so. I get this place is full of hue-mans and everything, but I still don't get why you guys have to eat meat. Ever thought that maybe those cows don't want to be eaten? You guys have tons of other stuff to eat, so can't you guys let up on the animals? I dunno, it just seems wrong to me, especially since the cows back home could talk just like anypony I know.

[Nevermind the fact that she's seen glue in the general store. Mhmmm.

Though, she doesn't wanna stick to something so morbid, sooo... moving on!]

Anyway, are there any athletes around here? Practicing stunts on my own is nice and all, but where's the challenge? I can pull off tricks in my sleep. I guess what I'm asking is if anyone'd wanna hang out and maybe compete. Doesn't matter what it is. Running, hoof wrestling... whatever hue-mans do.

[She's about to end it there, but as an afterthought...]

Oh, and I wanna apologize to that red haired hue-man I chased during the experiment. Just letting you know that there's no way I'm gonna hunt you down with a sword again.

[Whew, that was a mouthful. But with that out of the way, she'll be tucking her journal away and swooping down from the roof of C3 to get some business taken care of.

First stop? The general store, to pick up a few odd supplies. Sneezing powder, balloons to fill with water, some thick markers to make a sign... all of it's going to go into a saddle bag she's carrying along with her.

Once that's done, she'll be stopping by the bakery to pick up some goods. And by goods I mean cupcakes. A whole box, plus a chocolate one for herself.

With her supplies gathered and brought back to her apartment, she'll be spending the rest of the day doing crazy stunts above the village. Kicking out clouds, swirling them around, running at full speed from one end of the village to the next... Expect lots of rainbows and craziness overall.]
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[Early in the day, people throughout the village might spot a suspicious rainbow streak jetting upwards into the sky. Higher and higher and higher she flies... Until, suddenly, that rainbow streak is rapidly plummeting down, faster and faster until there's a resounding CRASH!

Oh, was that your house she bumped into? Maybe your garden? Business? Whatever the case, there will be a few of these ridiculous crashes until Rainbow, being the stubborn pegasus that she is, moves onto plan B.

A bit later, something a little strange will appear... a cloud floating around the village. Now, seeing clouds in the sky isn't all that abnormal. Just another part of everyday weather.

But what about clouds that float ridiculously close to rooftops? Clouds that hover suspiciously over buildings, people, and are isolated from the others? Tiny clouds that, if one looks close enough, they may catch a bit of a rainbow fringe, sometimes a pair of binoculars, over the edge of the fluffy white stuff.

That's right. This cloud is spying on you strange people. ...Or whatever's up in the cloud, anyway.

Feel free to witness either event-- Dash's crash landings from the lovely barrier or her recon mission.]


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